About Us

Welcome to Verve Botanicals

Who Are We

We got our start as a hemp farm and bringing our own value added hemp products to market. We realized that there is a gap in services for farmers who are just starting out to get their products to market and we want to offer our services to help fill that gap.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take the uncertainty out of what to do with your hemp crop once it has been harvested. There are no clear paths to how to sell your product and we are here to offer options for the family farm so that you are profitable.


Our Complete 6-D Process



We discuss your project and start gathering information to see what direction you want to go.



You will receive a quote to help further define what you are looking for and make final decisions on products. 



We can use what you already have or come up with new ideas for your labels and packaging.



A timeline is developed so that you know when your products will be available, typically within 4 weeks. 



The manufacturing process begins. We will keep you informed with updates so you know where we are in the process.



Your receive retail-ready products complete with easy to read lab reports that you will need for your customers.

Why Choose Us?

We have been advocates for the hemp/cannabis plant for many years fighting for the right to grow and use cannabinoids to promote health and wellbeing. We know the ins and outs of the hemp industry and will become one of your strongest partners to help your business grow. 

Our roots are in the soil. We were a licensed NM hemp farm in the inaugural 2019 growing season. We were also one of the first three approved manufacturers in the state. Our owners have been growing cannabis for a combined 20+ years. So we know the challenges farmers are faced with just to get your crop safely through the growing season. Then you face the next challenge of getting your crop to market.

We handle each and every project with confidentiality and integrity. We follow the rules set up by the New Mexico Environment Department so that all products are compliant. 

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices so that your products are consistent and compliant. We use an ISO certified lab so your reports are accurate and easy to read. 

The ingredients we use are all high quality and responsibly sourced. We never use anything with artificial preservatives, just good natural products.